Evolutionarily significant unit

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evolutionarily significant unit (ESU) / evolutionarily significant units (ESUs)

  • 進化的に重要な単位,保全すべき集団は何かという観点からの集団の単位(日本語)
  • (Español)
  • Original ESU's definitions by Ryder (1986) and Waples (1991) had two components: reproductive isolation (genetic distinctness) and ecological distinctness (unique adaptations).


Glossary of "Introduction to Conservation Genetics (2nd ed.)" by Frankham et al. (2010)

  • A classification of populations that have substantial reproductive isolation which has led to adaptive differences so that the population represents a significant evolutionary component of the species. The original term used was "evolutionarily" (Ryder 1986). However, both evolutionarily and evolutionary are currently used in the literature.

Glossary of "Genetic Management of Fragmented Animal and Plant Populations" by Frankham et al. (2017)

  • Partially genetically differentiated populations that justify management as separate units. Definition may be for neutral markers and/or adaptive differences according to diverse definitions.


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