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HIKOBIA 10(4) (1990年発行)目次

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Chronological study of the secondary pine forest on the campus of Hiroshima Jogakuin College in Hiroshima city, western Japan [藤原道郎・豊原源太郎: 広島女学院大学キャンパス内のアカマツ林の年輪学的研究] Fujiwara, M. & Toyohara, G. 361-367
御岳のハイマツ低木群落とハイマツの年枝生長 [Toyohara, G.: Relationships between community types of Pinus pumila scrub and internode growth of pine trees on Mt. Ontake, central Japan] 豊原源太郎 369-375
Chiodecton asahinae Harada, a new lichen species from Japan [原田 浩: 日本産地衣類の一新種ヒョウモンメダイゴケ] Harada, H. 376-382
三段峡(広島県)と周辺地域の地衣類 [Okamoto, T. & Iwatsuki, Z.: Lichens of the Sandan-kyo area, western Honshu, Japan] 岡本達哉・岩月善之助 383-392
A review of deep-water bryophytes with new records from USSR Ignatov, M. S. & Kurbatova, N. B. 393-401
日本におけるマングローブ林内の着生蘚苔類フロラ [Yamaguchi, T., Nakagoshi, N., Nehira, K. & Iwatsuki, Z.: Epiphytic bryophyte flora in mangrove forests in Japan] 山口富美夫・中越信和・根平邦人・岩月善之助 403-407
Studies on the genus Hypnum Hewd. (VII) [安藤久次: ハイゴケ属の研究(VII)] Ando, H. 409-417
Noteworthy additional bryaceae mosses (Bryaceae) to the Central Himalaya (Nepal) alpine belt Ochi, H. 419-422
Cytological study on four Japanese species of Ptychomitrium (Musci: Ptychomitriaceae) [出口博則・荻沼一男: 日本産チヂレゴケ属4種の細胞学的研究] Deguchi, H. & Oginuma, K. 423-427
SEM observation of moss pseudoparaphyllia, 1. Isobryales [西村直樹・松井眞治: 蘚類偽毛葉の走査型電子顕微鏡による観察. 1. イヌマゴケ目] Nishimura, N. & Matsui, S. 429-434
Classification of vegetative diaspores on Japanese mosses [伊村 智・岩月善之助: 日本産蘚類の無性芽の分類] Imura, S. & Iwatsuki, Z. 435-443
Growth and nutrient ecology of two Sphagnum species Li, Y. & Glime, J. M. 445-451
昭和60(1985)年・61(1986)年に日本で発表された蘚苔類関係の文献目録 [Iwatsuki, Z. & Higuchi, M.: Bryological literature published in Japan in 1985 and 1986] 岩月善之助・樋口正信 453-459
新刊紹介 461-464
会員消息 464-465
Bryophytes of Asia Fasc. 3(1989) Iwatsuki, Z. & Higuchi, M. 466


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