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  • 外皮,周皮,胞皮(日本語)
  • (Español)


Glossary of "Plant Biology (1st ed.)" by Graham et al. (2003)

  • The outer protective layer of a woody stem or root; generated during secondary growth; consists of cork tissue, cork cambium, and associated parenchyma cells; replaces the primary epidermal tissues generated during primary growth.

Glossary of Plant Systematics (1st ed.) by Simpson (2006)

  • The cork cambium and its derivatives: phelloderm and cork tissue. Svn: outer bark

Glossary of "Life (9th ed.)" by Sadava et al. (2011)

Glossary of "The Evolution of Plants (2nd ed.)" by Willis & McElwain (2014)

  • Outer protective layers in the stems of woody plants consisting of a corky tissue and an inner secondary cortex layer.


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