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  • エピスタシス,上位性,上位(日本語)
  • (Español)


Glossary of "Plant Biology (1st ed.)" by Graham et al. (2003)

  • A genetic condition in which two genes combine to produce a trait. A defect in either gene prevents expression of the trait.

Glossary of "Evolution (4th ed.)" by Futuyma & Kirkpatrick (2017)

  • An effect of the interaction between two or more gene loci on the phenotype or fitness whereby their joint effect differs from the sum of the loci taken separately.

Glossary of "Ancestors in Our Genome" by Harris (2015)

  • an interaction in which a DNA change at one site in the genome affects the phenotypic effect of a DNA change at another site in the genome.

Glossary of "Life (9th ed.)" by Sadava et al. (2011)

  • Interaction between genes in which the presence of a particular allele of one gene determines whether another gene will be expressed.


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