提供: 広島大学デジタル博物館

コケの利用 Use of bryophytes in Japan

建築  **Architecture 


wallgreening1M.jpg wallgreening2M.jpg
Wall greening with moss pads, executed at Toyopet Shop in Kumamoto City, 2007 under execusion
wallgreening3M.jpg wallgreening4M.jpg
after execution greening unit for roof or slope
wallgreening5M.jpg wallgreening6M.jpg
greening unit with Sphagnum for slope Example of wall covered with moss pads.
moss pads for wall greening
bog_making1M.jpg bog_making2M.jpg
Making miniature Sphagnum bog on the roof of building of Kensetsu-kankyo Kenkyusho Co. Shin-Nihonbashi, Tokyo. May 2007, Japan; brown material for the mound is dead plants of Sphagnum spp. imported, on which are placed fresh capitula of Japanese material cultivated as nursery shoots.