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コケ玉 & コケ盆  **"koke-dama" Moss ball & Moss Tray

FrontPage /コケの利用 Use of bryophytes in Japan にもどる

YoseueM.jpg bonkei_deguchi3M.jpg
moss bonsai with fern Davallia mariesii work by H.Deguchi Sept.2003 "Bonkei" , a miniature landscape made of some moss species, sand of several colors, mountain-shape stone (curved) on a ceramic tray, work by H.Deguchi. Mosses include Leucobryum juniperoideum
kokedama1M.jpg bonkei_Osmunda3M.jpg
"koke-dama" moss ball with a fern Osmunda lancea work by H.Deguchi Sept.2003
tsuta_ballM.jpg kokedama_deg02M.jpg
"Koke-dama" a moss ball with an ivy plant, arranged on a lacquered wooden plate, work by H.Deguchi Sept.2003 "Koke-dama" a moss ball with a monocot,Ophiopogon japonicus , work by H.Deguchi
yoseue_deguchi1M.jpg yoseue_oishi01m.jpg
"Yoseue", a combination with a vascular plant in a ceramic shallow flower pot work by H.Deguchi 2003
bonkei_oishi2m.jpg bonkei_oishia01M.jpg
a miniature landscape in a ceramic pot; stones representing mountains and mosses forested lands or islands, sand seawater; work by late T. Oishi as the left
dicranodont_denudat1m.jpg pinguiculariaM.jpg
Moss pots with several mosses including Dicranodontium denudatum, at gardening shop in Hakone, Kanagawa. moss cushion associated with Pinguicularia sp. in the hollow at the top of the lava boulder
yoseue_degM.jpg bonkei1M.jpg

コケの利用 Use of bryophytes in Japan にもどる