PCR primers mt SSU

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PCR primers for lichen



Table. Primers used for PCR amplification and sequencing
Analyzed region Forward / Reverse Primer name Sequence (5'–3') References For
mrSSU Forward mrSSU1 AGCAGTGAGG AATATTGGTC Zoller et al. (1999) Lichen
mrSSU Forward mrSSU2 CTGACGTTGA AGGACGAAGG Zoller et al. (1999) Lichen
mrSSU Reverse mrSSU3R ATGTGGCACG TCTATAGCCC Zoller et al. (1999) Lichen
mrSSU Reverse mrSSU2R CCTTCGTCCT TCAACGTCAG Zoller et al. (1999) Lichen


  • Zoller, S., Scheidegger, C. & Sperisen, C. 1999. PCR primers for the amplification of mitochondrial small subunit ribosomal DNA of lichen-forming ascomycetes. Lichenologist 31: 511-516.


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